What we do

What We Do – ESG Reporting Solution

InfoSymm is a cloud-based ESG reporting software solution specific to the disclosure requirements of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Among the first pioneers to offer a cloud-based ESG reporting solution, InfoSymm seeks to provide a seamless reporting process for Hong Kong listed companies.  It is an one-stop platform in which you can manage and report against the mandatory set of environmental and social KPIs. InfoSymm streamlines and adds value to your ESG reporting process in a multitude of ways.

Centralize and streamline your ESG data collection

ESG data is diverse and coming from almost every department. By the end of the year-long collection process, the ESG team is swathed with countless exchanges of spreadsheets and documents. Such approach is fast becoming risky and inefficient. InfoSymm is a cloud-based ESG reporting solution where monthly, quarterly or yearly data entry can be assigned to multiple user groups across your organisation.

Secure your ESG data integrity

Data checking can easily slide lower down the priority list and be overlooked. On the InfoSymm platform, your ESG data integrity is secured via our Maker-Approver mechanism: every data entry entered by the Maker also needs to be assigned to an Approver for verification.

Monitor data entry progress

An inevitable headache with the traditional ESG reporting process is attempting to monitor the data entry progress. As an online ESG reporting tool, the InfoSymm platform provides a one-stop view of which users are falling behind on their data entry.

Up-to-date environmental KPI calculator requiring no technical background

Adhering to the HKEX Reporting Guidance on Environmental KPIs, InfoSymm updates its online ESG reporting tool to use the latest emission factors. Entered into simple and intuitive entry forms, all raw environmental data is converted to that of HKEX’s recommendations.

Why InfoSymm?

Adding Value to ESG Reporting

  • Flexible organisation structure with unlimited reporting entities and data sources
  • Create your own customised KPIs
  • Simple and intuitive online data entry forms
  • Upload supporting documents for internal control and external audit
  • Monitor progress of users
  • Benchmark with your peers through dynamic dashboards

Providing Robust Technical Platform

  • Full disaster recovery provision
  • Compatible with all modern browsers: IE8+, Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • Solution is built on a Linux/Angular/NodeJs platform
  • Hosted with Amazon Web Services, providing full physical and online data security