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About Us

InfoSymm is committed to contributing to information symmetry. We believe ESG, or non-financial, information is vital for providing a full picture of a corporation to its stakeholders.

InfoSymm helps improve your data integrity and reporting practices, and meeting disclosure requirements, be it compliance, ESG risk management, or striving for sustainability excellence.

Clarify Data Boundary

InfoSymm enables you to structure your data collection boundary in a clear, effective and efficient manner. Aligning with your financial reporting, InfoSymm collects ESG data either from geographical or business segments, as may be needed.

Enable Full Audit Trail

A full audit trail of any changes makes third party assurance more reliable and simplifies what has traditionally been a complex process.

Simplify Data Collection

Leave your excel spreadsheets behind for a robust system that automates your processes. Delegate data collection activities to our forms and built-in approval process, simplifying your ESG reporting experience.

Benchmark Your Performance

What good can you do if you cannot compare your ESG performance with your peers or industry averages? InfoSymm database allows you to do just that. Our dashboard makes it easy for you to keep track of how others are doing it and which buttons you need to push if you aim to raise your ESG ratings.

How It Works

Creating value from ESG information


What Makes a Good ESG Rating?

What Makes a Good ESG Rating? Along with an enormous interest in socially responsible investing (SRI), there are a handful of ESG rating agencies that use rigorous criteria to [...]

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# Scope 3 emissions from business air travel, paper waste disposal (Hong Kong), and freshwater and sewage processing (Hong Kong)

* The Carbon Reduction Certificates scheme, part of the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence, aims to recognize organisations that have achieved a verified absolute reduction of overall carbon emissions.

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